Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear Cold Fairy...

Dear Cold Fairy,

Our family just wanted to take a minute, in between hacking, sniffing, snorting, fever, sneezing and general malaise, to thank you for blessing us with yet another round of your little gift.
We have now begun round 3 (that’s times 6 of us—18 colds). By my calculations, the little viral sprinklings you are so generously leaving at my house have allowed at least one of my kids to miss a minimum of one or more of their classes per week since February 13. That’s three economy size double packs of the generic brand of Nyquil. A new Neti pot. Five boxes of tissues. Two complete sets of brand new toothbrushes, so we won’t keep passing it back to ourselves. Delsum, Robitussin, Dayquil, Airborne, Ibuprofen, several gallons of oj and a ton of make-up homework.

Cold Fairy, you can leave now.

But thanks for sharing….

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Senior...had a moment

Recently, my oldest son was nominated and chosen to be a "Selfless Senior" for the Cibola High School class of 2009. Twenty-eight students from Albuquerque Public Schools were awarded this honor (2 or 3 from each high school...this is a big deal!) These are kids who make a real difference in their community, but who are generally unrecognized and 'fly beneath the radar' so to speak.

Photo Slides

Tyler's is slide # 5.

His comment when he was told he had been nominated and chosen? "I don't deserve that." Selfless, I tell you...
Momma is very proud...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am leading a Bible UNstudy by Priscilla Shirer called Can We Talk?

It's only been going on for 3 weeks...2 of actual "study," and so far it's been quite a challenge.

The second DVD talked about if you want to have a prize tomato, you need to be willing to not only offer the the best fertilizer, but you have to be willing to prune all those other promising tomatoes off of the vine. There may be nothing wrong with those other tomatoes, but they aren't the prize tomato. So this week I am pruning. I am completely overwhelmed. I can't do this many things well, and I want to do what I do well, as unto God. And in that light, I will not be blogging for a little bit...not like I'm all that consistent anyway.

I did receive my Pay It Forward craft from Mary over at My ADHD Me. THANK YOU!! It really made me smile, and so did the note, which I am saving and using the craft that she gave me to help hold the note up (ok it's a refrigerator magnet). I'll post more on it later. I promise to get a craft out to ya'll who 'won' or 'lost' (however you may see it) soon. But right now, I'm tending to my 'mater garden....p.s. if anybody sees Marla, tell her I still need her address....