Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh, Dear Me.....

Missy at It's Almost Naptime posted a fun letter to herself at age 20, and I thought I'd join in

Dear Pam,

This is you. In 27 years. I know it’s 1982 and you’re not so sure you’ll even live to be 47, but you did and here I am.

See, there’s this TV show on now called LOST. Shows like Dynasty, with serial story lines, paved the way for LOST by becoming obsessions with the American people. You will become obsessed. So in the interest of casting light on the ability to travel the space-time continuum, I am reaching back some 27 years to let you in on a few secrets about what your future holds.

I’m really glad you and Ted bit the bullet and knuckled down and bought that little teeny yucky ABQ South Valley house last year. I know you thought it was overpriced at $34,000, but you’d be surprised what it did for you. It taught you the value of sweat equity. It taught you how to be creative. Last year you and Ted together made less than $10,000. In a few years, the $34,000 you paid for a house will be about the average price for a new Buick. And you'll move far away from the South Valley to Paradise Hills. I know it seems like a far drive, but you'll love it! Oh, and GM? Chrysler? They’re in trouble now. They didn’t knuckle down and stash some cash when they could. The government is giving them Billions of dollars to help bail them out. Billions with a B. And gasoline? It’s leveled off to around $1.70 a gallon. I know you pay about $1.40 now…but last summer? It topped $4 a gallon. You will freak out about that a little. But you have a secret weapon you rely on now…his name is Jesus and he calms you in every storm.

Do you remember when you were a little girl and wanted to be a stewardess? Well, you’re going to come pretty close to that dream. You’re going to work for one of the new airlines formed under deregulation. Deregulation is a fancy way of saying, any old body with a checkbook can do it! You’re going to love it and hate it and learn lots from it. It will enrich your life greatly, and when the time comes for you to say home with your babies, you will grieve the loss of the fast-paced career and the ability to shower without having tiny fingers push notes under the bathroom door. But it will be worth it, all the same….

You will have children. Lots of children. Well, four of them. You’ll wait another (almost) 10 years, but then you’ll do it in rapid succession, having all four within a five and a half year period. They will be fearless, like their daddy, not like you. But you will learn to conquer your fear, with God’s help and sheer determination. You’ll even jump off a cliff into a lake. I know you don’t believe me….Decide now to commit Philippians 4:13 to memory. Being a mom of four, you will need it. You will have to be a grown up and suck up a lot of things you swore you never would.

You dad will not live to see all of his grandchildren. I know you’re still grieving for your momma. And you will for a long time to come. The hardest part of losing her will hit you in about 9 years when you realize she won’t ever get to hold your little babies. And you also realize that you don’t know where she stood with God or if you will see her in heaven. I am going to shout at you now: LIFE IT TOO SHORT TO RISK HAVING EVEN ONE PERSON MISS OUT ON THE LOVE OF JESUS! SHARE HIM WITH EVERYBODY YOU KNOW! YOU WILL NEVER LOOK INTO THE EYES OF SOMEONE THAT JESUS DID NOT DIE FOR! I know you think I’m a little lame, but your life is running on empty right now. Come back to Jesus….SOON! You probably won’t believe it, but you are going to work full time in the ministry. I know it seems hard to believe, but you will. Quit wasting time! Come home now!

One more thought---it’s almost 11 p.m. and believe it or not, you get tired about this time of night now, so I need to be wrapping this up. There’s this thing that IBM is producing called a “PC.” It stands for Personal Computer. It will rock your world. That means like, “O my G**….STELLAR!” (yeah, you don’t take the Lord’s name in vain anymore. At least not when you aren’t driving….). Nearly every home will have at least one computer. They are TOTALLY AWESOME! You will be able to meet people “online” and become “blog” friends with them over something called the World Wide Web. You’ll talk about email and hard drives and partitions and viruses (no they can’t get sick, but they can give you a headache…and worse: worms). I know that you think computers need to be housed in basements of large buildings with super coolers and take up a big room. But they will be so small, that you will have 3 in your house…one of them even sits on your lap…it’s called a laptop. That’s a stretch, huh? There’s this guy who is renting space in the bank building on Central Ave. where your dad used to be a teller. His name is Bill Gates. Doesn't look like much, but looks ain't everything. Finagle your way into meeting him. Scrape up whatever spare money you have and invest with him. I know people think he’s kind of a geek, but get to know this guy. Trust me on this….

Make this a point: Remember what it’s like to be skinny! You actually need to gain weight so badly, you go out and buy something called Weight-On. Hold on to that because it won’t last forever. Believe it or not, at one point, you will weigh about 60 lbs more than you do right now…and you won’t even be pregnant! You can actually gain weight just by inhaling potato chips...

No matter what else happens…hold fast to Jesus. Love your husband. And make the most of your life. You get one chance in this world. Discover God’s purpose for your life now, so you can go ahead and get started really living!


Pam (circa 2009)
(This is Ted and I, in about 1984, I think...23? We were on our first trip to Hawaii together, courtesy the airline job...and both as sick as dogs...but look! I had COLLAR BONES!!!)

It's not too late! What would you say to yourself at 20?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday's 13 Thoughts

about LOST of course....

Last night was mostly about the island, and I really prefer character centered shows, but I suppose the writers wanted to give us a bigger (read here: more confusing) picture of, here goes.

1. I kind of want to slap Juliet. She's a little snarky. I think she's being very condescending to everyone and I don't like her again. She knows more than she has let on and I'm not so sure I don't trust her again.
2. Charles Widmore was the little whiny pansy-oops soldier? Wow!
3. I know for a fact that a hydrogen bomb won't blow up if it gets dropped...well maybe not for a fact. And I'm pretty sure it's not flammable. Unless it's like exploding or something....did the corrosion leak out some kind of flammable gas? Why not go ahead and shoot? Did he not want the girl to die?
4. I think Jughead (the bomb) was on the scaffold because it was dropped on the island in the 50's and it got buried and failed to detonate. The Others dug it up and it's hanging there because that's where they put it.
5. Pregnancies can't come to full term and moms die because of Jughead.
6. The reason that Desmond had to push the button every 108 minutes was because the Others have got Jughead re-buried and he's behind the wall in the donkey wheel place. Every 108 minutes some sort of a coolant must be flushed or released to keep Jughead from losing his head, so to speak....
7. Did Widmore a.k.a. Jones get Ben's mom pregnant and the result of that is Penny? Are they sibs?
8. Is Theresa the same girl who is holding Faraday at gunpoint by Jughead when Sawyer and Juliet show up? Like in a time warp thing before she got her brain shelled out or whatever by Faraday? (see # 3)
9. Was the lady in the Oxford office the same Oceanic lady that got Hurley on the plane? I'm trying to remember her and she sure looked familiar. And then, that makes her have something to do with Dharma/Kanso/Oceanic/Oxford/ head hurts...
10. Why did Juliet not want Locke to say that Ethan shot him?
11. I'm only on 11 and I have to come up with 2 more....
12. Archie and Jughead was one of my favorite comics. I didn't like the show. I wanted to be Betty. Veronica reminds me of Jackie (Mila Kunis) from That 70's show...(desperate here for one more).
13. We need more Sawyer face time!

Stay tuned for next week's edition!

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's not pretty....

...and it's a really crummy picture....
But I HAVE the quintessential UGLY MUG! The very one that Lidna @
2nd Cup used to advertise her little giveaway soiree'.

My son had my phone. And left it in his friend's jeep.

My laptop with the webcam tanked.

This is with a cell phone.

I have OTHER ugly Toby mugs, that I inherited from my grandmother, but knowing that voting closes at midnight tonight, I wanted to at least get this posted. I have a non-Toby mug that's pretty ugly with a whistle in the handle that's shaped like a cow-head and that has "Whistle for More Milk" written around the bottom of it. I WAS going to use that as my entry. But no, this little guy is the one. The O.RIG.I.NAL.

I'm probably too late, but this at the VERY LEAST deserves an honorable mention! Not to mention, it's just really cute and can tell by how big it is in my, please head over and vote!
Please? For me?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Then Sings My Soul Saturday--Hallelujah Jesus

Joining Amy for Then Sings My Soul Soul Saturday

Anything I could say really wouldn't add anything...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

"You know, maybe if you ate more comfort food wouldn't have to go around shooting people." If more women with PMS did this, we might achieve World Peace. Classic Hurley, along with, "I need a cool code name." I gotta love his mom, too. "Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?" "Hugo, Jesus Christ is not a weapon!" (even though you and I know differently...)

Well, my thoughts on the season 5 opener I think I have more questions than answers now.

Just a few free association, word vomit thoughts and questions from last night's show:

1. I think that Miles is Dr. Candle's son.

2. I heart Shih Tzus, too.

3. I think they should've brought Charlie back, somehow....
4. Why is Desmond 'special?'

5. Is Mrs. Hawking Daniel Faraday's mom? Is that why we didn't get to hear her name? Are they going to find the island with that blue and white sextant/chalk drawing thingy?

6. Sawyer is going to lose his toe from and infection from stepping on the thorn or whatever it was and the 4-toed statue will be built in his honor in some time-warp thing.

7. Why was Sawyer so shirt-obsessed? I don't think he has been in the past.

8. Was Jones (the guy with the gun who attacked Juliet and Sawyer) one of Danielle Rousseau's original group? Were they international? Is that why he didn't speak with a French accent?

9. How come there were so many knives in Sayid's safe-house dishwasher? Does he work part-time at the butcher shop? Did he just have a dinner party? Did he see Sweeney Todd?

10. How come Sun doesn't have a more recent photo of her baby?

11. Isn't Turnip Head adorable now? And such a good kid! My kids would have melted down an not just totally accepted "Say good-bye, Baby." "Read your book, Baby." Did I miss it? Did Kate not refer to him with a first name? And they don't want a blood test to prove maternity. They think her blood is changed from being on the island.

13. I really don't think Sawyer needs to worry about a shirt. It's a tropical island. And shirts only fan the flames when you are shot at with flaming arrows. I kind of heart Sawyer without a shirt a little bit.

14. I had to google how to spell Shih Tzu.

15. Do I remember that Richard gave Locke a compass when he (Locke) was just a little boy? Or am I channeling that from something else? What does it do? "It points North." Really? On THIS island? I think maybe it points to the place where the frozen wheel/capstan thing is kept that seems to be some kind of a key.

16. Can Hurley (and only Hurley) see dead people? A la' Sixth Sense. When the Oceanic Six return to the island (If they can find it with Mrs. Hawking's help), will the people who died come back to life in real so everybody can talk with them? Will he finally get to be reunited with Libby? Does anybody else still dislike AnaLucia? as in heart her?
17. The image at the top is purely gratuitous. Sorry if it offends.
18. I think that somehow the part where Hurley's mom told him not to use Jesus as a weapon and the drug filled Madonna statues on the plane are connected.
I think my head is going to explode. Told you, more questions than answers.
What did you think?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In a little more than 13 hours

I will be settling in to have some crisps and cola, perhaps.... Phones will be off... Doorbells will go unanswered.... If you call me you'd better be bleeding, at least bad enough to need stitches....the dog will be crated...

LOST is coming on!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day that will live...
Abort73 Graphics / Abort73 Shirts

I couldn't do it...couldn't type out "Infamy." I have respect for and I honor the office and title. God places those in authority over us. I may not agree with him, but I acknowledge his leadership.
No matter what your political leanings, no matter how you may have voted, there is no arguing the fact that today is a day that many will remember. It may not be as vivid in people's minds as what they were doing or where they were when they first heard about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center, or even when the Space Shuttles (Challenger in 1986 or Columbia in 2003) met their terrible fates. Or even happier memories, such as the night the Berlin wall came tumbling down. But I really believe that people will remember this day.

When today is over, my God will still sit on his throne. He is sovereign and nothing can change that. But my heart is beating with more than a little trepidation for all those tiny little beating hearts that will be stilled with so little regard, all because of this man who we have elected. Barack Obama has promised Planned Parenthood that "the very first thing" he will do as president is to sign the Freedom of Choice Act. Really, Mr. President? The first thing? Aren't there other fires you want to tend to ahead of this one? The economy? Pulling the troups out of Iraq? 'Besides making abortion on demand a "fundamental right" throughout the United States, FOCA would effectively nullify informed consent laws, waiting periods, health safety regulations for abortion clinics, etc. In addition, medical professionals and institutions that refused abortions also would lose legal protections. FOCA would expose individuals, organizations, and governments - including federal, state, and local government agencies - to costly civil actions for purported violations of the act.' If it weren't so tragic, the word "violations" in the last sentence would almost be funny. I have had friends, very close-to-my-heart, forever friends who are victims of abortions. That, my friends, is the violation that we should be rallying against. This act of violence is not only committed against the innocent unborn. It committed against women--young women, some of whom go to their appointment with doom having an inaccurate assumption that it will all be over in a few minutes, like a lunchtime peel might be for their mothers. Two months, two years, two decades later--the victims, the survivors, are still dealing with real-life consequences. Not only emotional and spiritual consequences, but physical consequences as well. This is not a "minor procedure." There is very real risk.

Please pray. Pray that God will change our President's heart. God can do that, you know. He works miracles. Pray for our President's wife and daughters, that they will never have to face this so-called choice. Pray for the healing of those who are survivors. Pray for forgiveness for our nation for voting with our 401k's instead of with our hearts. Pray for the young women who are even now facing a difficult choice. Pray for those little beating unborn hearts. Pray for our young men to cowboy up and stand tall and help our girls to stay pure, so they won't be faced with these choices. Pray that as parents and leaders and mentors, we can stand alongside and share these ugly truths with them in a loving yet direct way. Praise God and thank Him that we are mightily blessed and live in a country where I can say these kind of things without fear of reprisal from my government. Pray that we will not lose those blessings and that God will remain steadfast, even tho' we must reap the consequences for our actions or lack thereof.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

TAG! You're it...

So for the tens of ones of you who occasionally stop by (Ms.'re IT), I am officially tagging you.

The name of the game is Picture Tag. Go to your picture file. Pick the 4th folder and the 4th picture and then explain what the photo was all about.

I was tagged by my ADHD friend over at Monkeys are Funny tagged me, so now YOU'RE IT!. I think I just like saying, "You're It!"

This picture is from Centrifuge camp in 2007. It shows a scene from a little torture game we play called mega relay. Mega Relay is amazing fun and possibly the most painful 10-12 minutes of your life, outside of childbirth. This particular event is called "Popsicle Pushup." My 2nd son, Caleb is the one with the red headband facing the camera. 4 people lay on the ground in a square and put their feet on the adjacent person's shoulders (think a popsicle stick picture frame--clever name, no?). It's a good think I have a visual of it. Then they have to do 4 pushups in this heat of the event. I think there are usually about 12 different events or heats. Yes there are stickers. Yes, we have lost a couple to heat exhaustion. Yes, Caleb's team won the Mega Relay. Caleb's team AWAYS wins the Mega Relay. It's kind of like competing with Chuck Norris or Superman....sigh

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some days just shine....

Some of you (ok, really there are only like 3 of you anyway) may wonder what the "independent contractor" part up there Ý in my banner means. Fear not, dear readers. I am not a Mary Kay consultant. Or Pampered Chef. Or Quixtar. Or Amway. Or...anyway, you get the picture. My husband however sells this stuff called Mannatech tho'...I LOST 4.25 lbs over the holidays. Email me if you want to know about it..I digress. What I AM is a Notary Signing Agent. This is a fancy way of saying that about 4 years ago I got my notary commission so that I could notarize camp forms for kids at church. In NM it's pitifully easy to become a Notary Public. Basically, you pay a $20 application fee, purchase a bond for $50, get some unsuspecting upright citizen to vouch for your character and you are good to go. Then I hung out my sign (virtual sign on the internet) as a NSA. As a Notary Signing Agent, I get assignments from different title companies all over the country. I either print out loan documents (typically refinances or reverse mortgages) or they are overnighted to the borrowers' or my home, and then I go to the borrower's home and assist in their loan signing. "I am not a lawyer or attorney. I need to disclose to you that I am here to act only as a witness and courier, and had nothing to do with the preparation of your loan package. Should you have any questions about your loan, you will need to contact your lender."

Yesterday I got a call to do a signing today near a town called Ramah (pronounced RAY-Muh), NM. Ramah is about 135 miles from Albuquerque. In the flat out middle of nowhere. I drove west on I-40 for about an hour and a half, turned left and drove about another hour....then I turned off the main road and turned off onto a dirt road. Well, a mud road. At least it was mud for about a mile. Then it was icy packed snow for the next mile and a half. It sounds terrible. It wasn't. The ice just GLISTENED. And the home? A beautiful custom adobe home. This was the view out their living room window:

(sorry, this is a cell phone shot and it just doesn't even begin to do it justice)

The gentleman showed me a large basket that was just filled with potsherds from the native Zuni, Laguna and Acoma Indians that had to have been hundreds, if not thousands of years old. He picked them up out of the pasture just to the northeast of his house. Being trampled on by cows after summer rains and spring thaws. He's been picking them up for about 7 years. Now, how cool is that, I ask you.

The drive there and home was a delight. Best of Eagles CD played at top volume. I know pretty much every word. I wailed on it, too. I was glad for Ted's Jeep with the 4WD..I needed it for that road. Bigredtruck is a 2WD and would've been slip-sliding away...and I didn't bring any Paul Simon CD's....I have to get his Jeep washed now, tho'.

Anyway. I had a shiny, great day. Got paid well. Got to see some of God's best handiwork. Got to listen to my tunes, totally uninterrupted (no cell service out there, friends). It was a good day.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You're gonna need a cup of coffee.... stay awake for this post. Honestly, I got not much of nuthin.

But that very phrase, "You're gonna want a cup of coffee," was uttered to me by my then 14-year-old oldest son. I had stumbled into the kitchen his freshman year of highschool early one morning to make him breakfast. I'm a good mom like that. And as I stood there with very scary hair and just my right eye open (don't see out of my left one anyway, so why open it until I've been awake for at least 30 minutes?), my beautiful boy said he wanted to talk to me about something. At 6:30 a.m. My heart thudded, just a l-i-t-t-l-e bit. Then he dropped the bombshell: "You're gonna want a cup of's about a girls...."
And my charming and enchanting young man invited me in to be included in his first forays into being interested in the fairer sex. What a priviledge. And he's been including me every now and then and giving me glimpses of his heart ever since, too. How blessed am I?

That sweet young teen is, as of last Monday, a young man of 18. I haven't been by here much, because I just really wanted to savor every moment that I have left with him still (semi) at home. His last paycheck had 72 hours for 2 weeks. He's a high school senior. He has a real girlfriend now. And lots of others demanding a little piece of him. I don't see much of him, but when I do, I treasure every second. Even if I am just sitting listening to him in the background play either one of his guitars or the XBox 360 he is way too addicted to. Still and all, he is just about one of the best kids on the planet. And I'm not just saying that. Everyone who meets him goes out of their way to tell his dad or me the same thing. He was recently honored in a very special way at his school for being a "Selfless Senior," an honor given to only one senior boy and one senior girl in each local high school. His response? "I don't deserve that." Selfless.

So, happy birthday son. I love you. Your brother will be 16 next Monday. It does funny things to my heart to know that you both still want to celebrate your 1 week apart birthdays together. "Hold on to 18 as long as you can....changes come along real soon make us women and men...." Or was it hold on to 16? I can't remember now...

Caleb age 1, Tyler age 3

Pretty much this is still how it works between them, too.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

10 Truths from 2008... couldn't see what I said. I tried (4 times at 45 + min, each) to post the little video I made. But it Just. Didn't. Upload. I got one of those error messages with lots of dots and numbers and stuff telling me to contact support and...oh, well. Being overwhelmed with an uninvited 15-year old house guest that spent the entire last week with us (yes, 7 people--5 of them teenagers--one shower), I gave up. But here is a transcript of what I read in my little vlog. And you don't have to write in or pay the $2 or anything....(but anyone who wants my PayPal address is welcome ):

10 Truths Brought Back Home to me in 2008

1. Sometimes haircolor in a box works. Sometimes it doesn't.

2. It's best to shred as you go. But if you don't, or if you have multiple years of back stuff, Adelante is a wonderful organization that charges only $.14 a pound and the mentally challenged guys who work there LOVE to help you unload your bigredtruck.

3. Sometimes God says no.

4. If you happen to adopt a little dog, you will be reduced to talking baby talk to her. And so will all your kids. Which is very touching coming from a 15 and 17 year old who shave and are 2nd degree brown belts. And you husband may turn all mushy, too.

5. It is never a good idea when someone says, "Let's go toilet-papering!"

6. After you pass age 40, you heal much more slowly and much less completely.

7. Orthopedic surgeons are almost ALWAYS good looking. I've had 2 surgeries this year. I'm talking Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice good looking. Don't let their good looks get you so twitterpated that you are unable to form a coherent sentence and forget half of what you wanted to ask them.

8. If you have one person in the world whom you can call a true friend, you are rich. I am a ba-zillionairess. At least one of you reads this, Rachel.

9. Mercy limits mercy. Think about it.

10. God is good. God is

always good.