Thursday, August 28, 2008

Goody Two Shoes

These are the shoes that I want to be; what I'd like people to think about me. The shoes I can wear for about 3 hours before I'm done:

And these are the shoes I usually am. Not that people would think badly, right? Practical, not too stylish, a little clunky and clumsy. But above all comfortable:

I'm glad I can be both pairs of shoes...

What do your shoes say about you?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trendy Tuesday

Today, I'd like to introduce you to my beautiful green dining room wall:

Note that this is the sort of the Before/After of the TRUE Before/After shot. What I mean is, that shortly after this, Ted moved my dining hutch back into place, we put a dark bookshelf in for the kids' homework and books and it obviously hadn't been cleaned up yet. What I'm highlighting here is the trendy green's called "grapevine," and after holding up a real bunch of grapes next to the wall, it really is the color of a grapevine. The hallway wall that abuts is called "allium" and is a very pale green that looks grey-ish depending on how the light hits it. It's hard to see from this picture, but there used to be a wall that extended to the end of the hallway furdown that Ted removed. Ted is wonderful and can do simply anything. He moved light switches and put in all pretty new white baseboard throughout. [ SIDE STORY: I have to be quite careful about thinking out loud, because sometimes he moves on things before I really decide. I DO like that this wall is opens up the dining room and makes things so light and airy. But one time in an old house we lived in we had this really terrible free-standing wood stove that didn't work right and either the damper sucked all the hot air out of our room until the temp hovered around 50 degrees if the stove wasn't lit, or our living room was roughly the temperature of the sun if we had a fire going. I mentioned to Ted one afternoon that I wished they hadn't ever installed said wood stove. I then went to the back of the house to gather a load of laundry and he and the neighbor were carrying the stove out the door when I came back. So I really have to be careful what I say to him. ] Anyway, isn't my trendy, hip and new grapevine colored wall loverly?

Next, my Trendy Texaco Guest Bathroom:

Note the hip and trendy concrete floor that is right next to the tile, along with the ungainly and hugeish laundry tub that is now used for all morning ablutions (don't you just love that word?!?). The big old coffee mugs we use to store toothbrushes and the like adds some ambiance, however the pink towels that you see really belong in my the master bathroom. And I think the wrenches lying on the floor underneath the sink, along with the exposed plumbing, add an air of authenticity that you just don't see much anymore...

I'm thinking about issuing one of these as guests need to avail themselves of the facilities:

The point is..we have 6 people in this house and now have 2 fully functioning bathrooms. The vanity and sink are on order and we're looking forward to their installation. In the meantime, we're so grateful that we have a bathroom. And the laundry tub thing? It's working out great to bathe do you think we could start a trend here? Would this be YOUR guest bathroom?

(p.s. I'm taking votes for what color this room should be painted. We're going with a dark cherry vanity and [we think] an dark granite top with undermounted sink. The floor and wall tiles are stark white, as is the tub. More than likely the fixtures will be brushed nickel. No window, just a skylight. I'm leaning towards a very pale tourmaline wall with eggplant accents....or not.) Leave a comment and give me your best suggestions. And if you have a particular paint color, give me that brand and name/color code, please. I'll come up with some kind of a prize if yours is selected.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

God sent me a fax today

Those of you who have been around for a SoulRio retreat or two may recall my “retreat Book.” When retreat planning begins during the summer, I start a binder, complete with tabs. The binder has everything from copies of the contract, registration slips, rooming arrangements, phone logs and email copies to doodled notes that I make throughout. Things are color-coded and I have been compared, not always favorably with the Monica Bing character from Friends for my control freak-ishness.

(I know--I don't LOOK like her...I just act like a crazy/mad/control-freak who drives everyone around her insane)

In short, without “the Book,” I would be a little lost at best, panic-stricken at worst.

After the Leader Link meeting on Sunday (where I had the Book), I had to come home and rush to a closing. Ted and I went to dinner and had a relaxing evening. The Book never crossed my mind until around 9 that evening when I thought I might make some notes and send out a few emails. Hmm….no book. But I didn’t worry. And since it was Sunday evening, I probably should have been spending time with my family instead of the Book anyway…

Monday morning found me still looking for the Book. I looked everywhere. I sent a text to Tracy to see if I had perhaps left it at their house. I tore up everything. Interestingly enough, on Saturday I had completely cleaned my desk off, so it was quite obviously not there. We’re under construction still here, and I thought that it might have gotten stashed somewhere safe until I needed it. But for the life of me, I couldn’t find it. I looked on and off all day and late in the afternoon I began feeling the strong impression that this was an attack. Satan is feeling threatened by this retreat and was somehow hindering me from finding the Book. I sent out a prayer request to several dear friends explaining the situation and asking that they pray for me to locate it. I admit, I felt a little foolish, but it was such a strong impression from the Holy Spirit, I did it. I tried to assuage my anxiety by reminding myself that everything in the Book was re-creatable (well, almost everything—all the registration forms were in it and hadn’t been put in a spreadsheet yet). But deep inside, I was starting to feel a little anxious.

On Tuesday (this morning) I met my best friend to work out. She assured me that she would pray and that she knew I would find it. I agreed with her, but I have to admit that I clung to a nagging little doubt that maybe I had tossed it out in the garbage on Monday. I came home and looked again—to no avail. I sent out emails to Glorieta asking for copies of all the contracts and paperwork they had sent to me. I wrote up notes and worked on some of the nuts and bolts details. I got out a fresh binder and began to prepare to print fresh copies of everything to make a new Book, albeit one without all the notes I’d been taking for the past couple of months. But I didn’t make copies. Amy needed me to do something (her last day before school starts tomorrow). I went to my room to get ready to go and began to pray. I told God that I knew that he knew where the Book was. That I would love to find the Book. But I also told him that if this was a control issue, that if he needed me to take a new direction, different from my notes, that I would ditch the Book. I just asked him for peace and thanked him for being the all-time best event planner ever. I had barely finished praying when the office phone rang. I ran to get it, but missed it. It immediately rang again, and I recognized the fax tone this time. When I picked up the fax (a spam fax by the way, offering me 3 days in Orlando for $149), guess what was underneath the fax in the output tray?

God is so good. Isn’t it funny how when we finally acknowledge his sovereignty rather than ours, things just fall into place?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Visual DNA

Surprisingly accurate....what's yours like?
(p.s. They didn't have a coffee-type the Costco Mocha Latte Freeze. I like water, too, tho'...)

">Youniverse Personality TestYouniverse Personality Test
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p.s. If, as a mom, you have said things that you never thought would come out of your mouth, visit Michelle and see what other moms have said. And if you post one, linky-link back to me--I get a Namesake as a referral)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

4 Walls to Hear Me...

Plumbing has been moved.....

Walls have been removed......

And replaced......(notice the lovely NON view of our toilet!!!). We love having someone go potty and not hearing the musical (or not) details that go along with that. And we can watch a movie in the living room and someone can now flush the toilet without drowning out the dialog. Walls are highly underrated. I feel for those poor women who came west to follow their men and pan for gold who ended up in tents. Forget indoor plumbing (yeah, we lost that for a couple of days, too). Walls were what I would have longed for! All that's left is new vanity, cabinet and linen closet. Can't take too long, right? I know that they are an odd size, so they have to be custom made, but...not too long, right? Humor me, anyway.

Perhaps I spoke too soon with my huge praise about the insurance company. Turns out the check they wrote us will not cover the vanity and linen cabinet that had to be replaced because of "the flood." They are going to try to "get to it" today...I think that means reviewing our claim. Regardless of what they decide, we'll have to forge ahead. The boys can't keep brushing their teeth in the kitchen or garage sink. Or doing their hair in my bathroom. Because they don't have a sink or mirror or cabinet in their bath. We came home from vacation on July 11. It's now August 5. We're moving up on 4 weeks. We need to get this finished.

Other than helping hubs with putting up sheetrock, I've been putting in lots of hours doing planning for our annual church-wide retreat. As crabby as I get with my family (and I vow not to this year. No. Really. I promise.), I have to say that planning this annual event is one of the best parts of my job. This year, we're doing lots of trust initiative things and we have this really cool event planned called ExtremePeaceNon-CompetitivePointsDon'tMatterButTimingIsEverythingSoulRioCupChallenge. Guess who came up with that catchy little title? If you've ever been to a Centrifuge Youth Camp, think "mega-relay" on steroids for adults.

I also got to go to the O2 Experience, a purity event, for the youth in our city. The first band, Wavorly, wasn't my favorite, but the kids liked them. Levi Lusko presented a clear gospel message, along with testimony from a local secular radio dj. We had one of the girls who one of our girls had invited go forward at the invitation to accept Christ. They had an hour long (actually about 2 hours) intermission with food and soft toys like Sumo Suits and Bungee Runs. The 2nd half was the purity message, titled Purity in a Sexual Smog. It wasn't your run-of-the-mill "just say no talk." It tugged my heart and I know it impacted our youth for Christ. The event was sold out...not sure how many were in attendance, but I know the auditorium seats thousands....

In short, I haven't been here for almost 2 weeks. And this is a really boring post. And I know that inquiring minds are not really all that interested. But, hey. I have walls. In the bano (say bahn-yo). Life is looking up.