Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trendy Tuesday

Today, I'd like to introduce you to my beautiful green dining room wall:

Note that this is the sort of the Before/After of the TRUE Before/After shot. What I mean is, that shortly after this, Ted moved my dining hutch back into place, we put a dark bookshelf in for the kids' homework and books and it obviously hadn't been cleaned up yet. What I'm highlighting here is the trendy green color...it's called "grapevine," and after holding up a real bunch of grapes next to the wall, it really is the color of a grapevine. The hallway wall that abuts is called "allium" and is a very pale green that looks grey-ish depending on how the light hits it. It's hard to see from this picture, but there used to be a wall that extended to the end of the hallway furdown that Ted removed. Ted is wonderful and can do simply anything. He moved light switches and put in all pretty new white baseboard throughout. [ SIDE STORY: I have to be quite careful about thinking out loud, because sometimes he moves on things before I really decide. I DO like that this wall is gone...it opens up the dining room and makes things so light and airy. But one time in an old house we lived in we had this really terrible free-standing wood stove that didn't work right and either the damper sucked all the hot air out of our room until the temp hovered around 50 degrees if the stove wasn't lit, or our living room was roughly the temperature of the sun if we had a fire going. I mentioned to Ted one afternoon that I wished they hadn't ever installed said wood stove. I then went to the back of the house to gather a load of laundry and he and the neighbor were carrying the stove out the door when I came back. So I really have to be careful what I say to him. ] Anyway, isn't my trendy, hip and new grapevine colored wall loverly?

Next, my Trendy Texaco Guest Bathroom:

Note the hip and trendy concrete floor that is right next to the tile, along with the ungainly and hugeish laundry tub that is now used for all morning ablutions (don't you just love that word?!?). The big old coffee mugs we use to store toothbrushes and the like adds some ambiance, however the pink towels that you see really belong in my the master bathroom. And I think the wrenches lying on the floor underneath the sink, along with the exposed plumbing, add an air of authenticity that you just don't see much anymore...

I'm thinking about issuing one of these as guests need to avail themselves of the facilities:

The point is..we have 6 people in this house and now have 2 fully functioning bathrooms. The vanity and sink are on order and we're looking forward to their installation. In the meantime, we're so grateful that we have a bathroom. And the laundry tub thing? It's working out great to bathe Claire....so do you think we could start a trend here? Would this be YOUR guest bathroom?

(p.s. I'm taking votes for what color this room should be painted. We're going with a dark cherry vanity and [we think] an dark granite top with undermounted sink. The floor and wall tiles are stark white, as is the tub. More than likely the fixtures will be brushed nickel. No window, just a skylight. I'm leaning towards a very pale tourmaline wall with eggplant accents....or not.) Leave a comment and give me your best suggestions. And if you have a particular paint color, give me that brand and name/color code, please. I'll come up with some kind of a prize if yours is selected.

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2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Tres chic. Love the wall. But mostly, I love the wrenches under the sink. I would love to offer advice, but i"m the one who begged for it recently for myself, so I'm no good at doling it out, only receiving. What can I say? I'm a taker. Off topic: I"m posting tomorrow about how to post a video for "I See What You're Saying." I hope you can join in. Get the Girl to help.