Thursday, January 1, 2009

10 Truths from 2008... couldn't see what I said. I tried (4 times at 45 + min, each) to post the little video I made. But it Just. Didn't. Upload. I got one of those error messages with lots of dots and numbers and stuff telling me to contact support and...oh, well. Being overwhelmed with an uninvited 15-year old house guest that spent the entire last week with us (yes, 7 people--5 of them teenagers--one shower), I gave up. But here is a transcript of what I read in my little vlog. And you don't have to write in or pay the $2 or anything....(but anyone who wants my PayPal address is welcome ):

10 Truths Brought Back Home to me in 2008

1. Sometimes haircolor in a box works. Sometimes it doesn't.

2. It's best to shred as you go. But if you don't, or if you have multiple years of back stuff, Adelante is a wonderful organization that charges only $.14 a pound and the mentally challenged guys who work there LOVE to help you unload your bigredtruck.

3. Sometimes God says no.

4. If you happen to adopt a little dog, you will be reduced to talking baby talk to her. And so will all your kids. Which is very touching coming from a 15 and 17 year old who shave and are 2nd degree brown belts. And you husband may turn all mushy, too.

5. It is never a good idea when someone says, "Let's go toilet-papering!"

6. After you pass age 40, you heal much more slowly and much less completely.

7. Orthopedic surgeons are almost ALWAYS good looking. I've had 2 surgeries this year. I'm talking Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice good looking. Don't let their good looks get you so twitterpated that you are unable to form a coherent sentence and forget half of what you wanted to ask them.

8. If you have one person in the world whom you can call a true friend, you are rich. I am a ba-zillionairess. At least one of you reads this, Rachel.

9. Mercy limits mercy. Think about it.

10. God is good. God is

always good.


My ADHD Me said...

Hi. Great post.
#1- I can relate
#3-Been there, heard that.
#6. I can DEFINITELY relate to that.
#7. And they are SO young too!!
#10. Thank God!

P.S. I got my instrument ornaments off of e-bay. It was for last Christmas so I didn't expect to find where I got them from but I did! The seller is carole3945 and there is a violin there now just waiting for you (btw, mine was a cello). The violin # is #260138401490. Including shipping it is still under $10.00.
I still need to get the drums and piano and a microphone if possible. Oh, and drums. I got the drums that year but gave them to a boy that was in JM's band and was just learning to play them. JM was teaching him. JM can play just about any instrument except the ones you blow, flute, trumpet etc.

Happy New Year!

Chatty Kelly said...

You almost made me was to go have orthopedic surgery. LOL! ALMOST - because my husband had 2 this year and his surgeon is not...well, let's just say he's not on TV. ;-)

My ADHD Me said...

Happy New Year!!
Just checking in to say Hi!