Thursday, July 23, 2009

On Blackwater, Chick-fil-A and the MVD....

(ok...but it's red...and it hauls things...kind of like BOTH of my Suburbans!)

In between mopping up lakes of blackwater (read here: POOP people!), dealing with reluctant property managers and insurance companies, driving my daughter to and from Chick-fil-A, both to work and just hang out for something approaching eight hours on her DAY OFF, I became the proud mom of bigredtruck2 about a week ago. We were out looking for a car for my son, and found an adorable little Honda Civic that’s just perfect for a college student. Bigredtruck2 was parked in a Staples lot with a “FOR SALE” sign and phone number. We weren’t even looking. Bigredtruck1 still has lots of life left in her. You see, bigredtruck1 is a 2 wheel drive. Bigredtruck2 is a 4 wheel drive. As my kids will tell you. 2WD=feminine, 4WD=masculine. So, basically we bought a boyfriend for my Suburban. He isn’t new. But he’s beautimous! He has a leather interior and REAR A/C folks! We’re hoping the two vehicles will get together and produce a little Chevy Luv (even tho’ both are GMC’s and BRIGHT RED). I’d take a picture and post it of the two lovebirds side-by-side, but my camera got dropped at VBS and I no longer have one. Sigh. This is where I launch a shameless plea to win one of Pioneer Woman’s fantastic Canon Rebel Camera giveaways. Hey, it could happen….My friends are happy that I’m still driving a bright red Suburban, so they can spot me easily as I cruise the Q. We’re keeping bigredtruck1 for Caleb…lots of miles left, ultimate safe vehicle, since it's pretty much heavier than anything other than an 19-wheeler, and he gets his license next week. He was eligible for it a year ago. And now he’s had his cell phone taken away from him. But that’s a whole ‘nother post. The ideal thing about him driving bigredtruck1 is that EVERYONE on this side of town will be able to spot him should he decide to do something, perhaps….untoward….

Anyway, in between Chick-fil-A, contractors and multiple trips to the MVD, I haven’t posted much lately. And we’ll be going on a short little family road trip in the next little bit. Don’t give up on me. I know that most of my readers found me from Lidna’s blog, but now that she’s taken her blogroll down, no one will click over to me just ‘to visit.’
So, have a happy summer. This post was pretty pointless, but I just wanted to let the both of you that read it know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I’m out…

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Chatty Kelly Combs said...

HI! I'll tell Mary about your comment. She is doing okay, just not great. But she isn't FLAT on her back like last time. She is just "walking around like a little old lady" is the way she puts it.

Thanks for the thoughts & prayers!