Monday, May 17, 2010

Stand True

Stand True  Ministries is all about Christ-centered pro-life.  Each summer six to eight young adults from ages 16 through 28 or so pile in a big van and travel around the country setting up booths at music festivals, speaking at churches, participating in prayer vigils and sharing the love and hope of Christ with a lost and dying world.  The people on this trip subsist mainly on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and prayers.  And I'm asking you to consider helping them.

My son, Tyler, has been accepted to go along on this summer's trip.  He'll leave early June and come back in mid-July.  He's excited and totally on fire for this.  Tyler believes there are no unwanted babies.  Each and every soul created by the Master of the Universe was created with a special purpose in mind. 

Please keep Tyler, Stand True and all the team in your prayers.  I am so incredibly proud of this amazing young man, and can scarcely believe that God blesses me by allowing me to be a parent and friend to him.  If you'd like to donate towards this mission trip, please contact me via this blog or facebook.  And thank you.  From the bottom of my heart.  Thank you.

OH! P.S.  Anyone leaving a comment on this post, or on the one with the long title that was # 150 is eligible for the random drawing in celebration of my 150th post.  In honor of Tyler, a random commenter will be drawn and once you provide me with your size, you'll receive a Stand True T-shirt.  Deadline is 12 midnight MDT Wednesday, May 12.

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