Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Favorite Dinner Trick

Ok....I'm WAY new at the bloggy thing....and way outclassed by Missy over at http://itsalmostnaptime.blogspot.com/ (sorry I can't figure out how to do the cool html link thingy)but she's doing a Kid Food Call Out. My kids are all older (ages 11-17), but it's still a challenge for me. I think the biggest thing right now is just having food around for them to all prepare on their own since we are so busy and they are, being teens, ravenous most of the time. I don't like it when they get hungry and get a bowl of cereal, mostly because cereal is about $3.50 a box and the bowl they usually use is about 2 1/2 gallon capacity and it runs me out of both milk AND cereal. They all eat fruit, but seem to crave protein, and I find it fills them up better when they can do a carb AND protein. My best tip is that I try to keep shredded chicken in the fridge most of the time. It's good for a meal starter (enchiladas, pot pie, dumplings), for chicken salad, and (since we live in NM and my kids think we have NO food in the house if we are out of tortillas) the good old standby quesidillas or burritos. This is what the kids usually fix for themselves in the afternoon for their pre-dinner snack and their post-dessert, tide-me-over-til-breakfast-last-call-for-chow. I pressure cook 4-5 boneless skinless pieces of chicken for about 10 min (15 if they are frozen--usually use breasts, but thighs work, too) with lots of garlic salt and a little chile powder. Then I let them cool and "tease" them apart with two forks until it's a pile of finely shredded meat. You'd be amazed at how big a pile of shredded chicken you can get from 5 chicken breasts. Sam's and Costco have the biggest pieces and they are pretty tasty, too. Then I put it in tupperware and it's there for before or after track, breakfast burritos or whatever. I figure it's high protein/low fat. And I have chicken that I can put on top of raw spinach or whatever I'm having for lunch, too.
So...there you go....not my most entertaining post. But with only a half-dozen under my belt, what do you expect?

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