Thursday, July 3, 2008

Froggy Went a Courtin'

and he did pee, Uh HUH--Uh HUH...except Froggy was really a TOAD

Guess who followed Tyler inside tonight?

He seemed perfectly serene. Just here for a little visit, thank you very much....

But then...he wasn't the most polite house guest...
He (or she) peed more than Claire does when someone yells at her. Notice Tyler's expression. I wanted him to give Clyde a little smooch to see if Clyde was really an Agatha and would turn into a princess, but then the pee thing happened, so....we will never know...
I tend to think it was a "he." I say was because Baggie just caught him. We release Clyde into the front yard after Tyler got peed all over. Oh...nevermind. Baggie didn't get Clyde. Baggie got the mama bird that's nesting on our front porch. Clyde, in case you didn't figure this out, is the toad. I don't know why I feel compelled to name every creature that crosses my path. I guess I have such a strong need to be identified, that I impose that on critters and stuffed toys and even troll dolls and automobiles. The names that are bestowed upon these creatures and inanimate objects aren't necessarily imaginative or clever (here I would point to bigredtruck as an example). But it drives me to distraction until I appoint a name to them.
Apparently, this is just a really random post. I was sitting here thinking that I should post SOMETHING before we leave town for a week when Clyde came to call. And gave me blog fodder. But I really should be packing. So, on that note, we're off to Colorado for a week or so.
And I'd like to leave you with this little ditty:
Oh Tom the Toad, Oh Tom the Toad Why are you lying in the road?
Oh Tom the Toad, Oh Tom the Toad Why are you lying in the road?
You did not see that car ahead
And you were flattened by the tread.
Oh Tom the Toad, Oh Tom the Toad Why are you lying in the road?
(note that this should be sung to the tune of O Christmas Tree)

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Rick said...

I'm not sure that you have a future in song writing, but I enjoyed the bit of blog fodder about your urinating visitor.