Friday, July 18, 2008

Potty - Al Fresco'!

Well...the good new is that State Farm insurance RAWKS! We went from "this has never happened before, not sure if you're covered" (because this wasn't a swamp cooler leak folks--it's from a refrigerated air conditioner!--more on that in another post for my Midwestern friends) on Tuesday to getting the check in the mail yesterday. And oh yeah, "go ahead and purchase whatever school supplies got ruined, too--we'll reimburse you for that. "

Now, the bad news. There are 6 people living in this small, 1600' house. And this is one of our two bathrooms (view from the dining room):Yep, folks--that's the toilet, the stool, the crapper, the porcelain potty, the chamber pot that you are seeing, from my dining room. That is one of only 2 showers in my house. I have 3 and 1/2 teens and 2 adults. You do the math....

Even lovelier, here's what you get to look at if you are brave enough to sit on the toilet and gaze out.....Or from the shower, if you choose.....

I am blessed to be married to a truly wonderful, heroic man who can fix absolutely anything. AND fix it right. AND put up with my comments and suggestions. AND paint it whatever color my little heart desires. So right now, I'm considering eggplant for the bathroom and fig leaf for the dining room. And busily and happily and recklessly choosing a vanity, sink and linen cabinet for the "new" bath. You can tell I like strong colors. My living room is red (Ralph Lauren Long John Red) with very pale green (RL Allium) accents. I'm considering some sort of a contest for ideas for the bath. And OH YEAH!!! While Amy and Tanner were out of town, Ted put down laminate flooring in a very pretty maple pattern in our bedroom. It's beautiful. I'll post pics of that later, too.
So until this little project is completed (and I'm thinking later rather than sooner because Ted goes back to work full time as vacation is over Monday), please pray for our sanity and for soft hearts towards those who may have big business to do in our one working bathroom.

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melody is slurping life said...

My prayers for you and the household potty situation. Really! There would be physical violence at my house with this situation. :o

And I would be honored to be among your blogroll...Slurping Life and/or 5MFSN. Thank you.