Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Destiny Called....

And I was right there answering!
LOST is back, and for the next 15 episodes I get to watch Sawyer, try to decide if I love or hate Kate, and be fascinated all over again....
So, to get right down to it, here are my thoughts from the Season 6 Premiere:

Top 10 Thoughts from the LOST Season Premiere

1. Sawyer is still hot. Tears, bristly, bloody and weepy. There is a hotness factor that cannot be denied. Almost as hot at Ted Hoyle.

2. Juliet pretty much redeemed herself, by acting totally selflessly. I still wouldn’t hang with her at Pei Wei or Chick-fil-A, but I think she’s ok now..

3. I think Jack is dreaming. The 2004 part.

4. Hurley should re-open Mr. Cluck.

5. Why hasn’t Jin asked about the baby?

6. I think that maybe they should dig Juliet up and bring her to the temple and stick her in the water. Gruesome, but….who knows?

7. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…what are you thinking?!?

8. Why wasn’t Shannon on the plane? Boone was there….also a little hottie! Even if he is a little whiney and metrosexual…. Maybe she was there, we just didn't get to see her because she was up in first class?

9. Miles: Thirsty? Dharma Beer? REALLY?!? He just BURIED JULIET! HE LOVED HER! You deserved to be smacked!

10. Jacob/Esau thing? Way cool…way cool. Love the metaphor.

I can’t wait for the next one….as I said on my facebook status YAY! YAY!!! YAY!!!!!
I love a good puzzle. This is a demanding show. You can’t just pop in and out. I love theorizing and speculating. So…here we go……………………………

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