Monday, October 18, 2010

The Times They Are A Changin'

On Friday, the day before I was forced to remember that it was celebrated my 49th birthday, our oldest son left our home to begin to make one of his own. It’s been a bittersweet time. I love that he is happy and well and still only about eight miles away. But I hate that he’s not right across the hall and always ready to share a breakfast burrito or a white pizza or a game of Talisman (latest new addiction—yes, I am a total nerd/geek and yes, I know the game has been out for almost 30 years.  It's new to me, ok?) at the drop of a hat. My little boy will be 20 years old in just a couple of months. He’s traveled and seen more of the country than I have. He’s responsible, can back up a big truck and park it like nobody’s business, and is a spiritual giant in my eyes. I saw him at church Sunday (didn’t see him all day Saturday. On my birthday. I know, RIGHT?) and got all welly and hugged his neck until I think I embarrassed him. I am officially one of those mothers now.

Tyler moved in with his cousin, Kyle and another roommate. Kyle is 16 days younger than Tyler. Originally, they should’ve been about 10 weeks apart, but Tyler was three weeks late and Kyle was 4 weeks early. I was in the room when Kyle was born and he is a child of my heart. He’s a precious, sweet boy who’s a dead ringer for Elijah Wood. For the first two years of their lives they saw each other nearly every day. They shared the same daycare provider, the same toys…pretty much everything.

Closer little boys you can’t imagine. Kyle’s family moved away about three weeks after Caleb was born.

 It was hard on Tyler, especially at first, but we gave him two additional siblings in rapid succession and with our family of six we stayed very busy.

Somehow, no matter how long it was between visits, that bond Kyle and Tyler formed at such an early age was never broken and they always were able to pick up exactly where they left off before. Tyler spent many the summer week with the cuz’s over the years. I’m glad that they will be able to renew their bond as brothers. And also secretly think that now that they are rooming together I’ll get to steal a little more time seeing Kyle as well (he’s here in town attending the University of New Mexico).

I have a tiny white refrigerator in my kitchen right now. My gorgeous black Maytag with the freezer on the bottom had the compressor burn out last week. We found one that was a terrific deal. It wasn’t my Maytag. Wasn’t my dream refrigerator, but it was what we could afford, especially with Ted’s salary situation right now. Borrowed my BFF’s fancy-schmancy box/lift truck (the one Tyler can back up so skillfully) both to move in the non-dream refrigerator as well as move the bulk of Tyler’s junk belongings. Plugged it in and 24 hours later it still was a balmy 50 degrees in the fridge and 40 in the freezer, despite being turned to max cold. Went back to the store (on my birthday…joy) and picked out another non-dream refrigerator. They delivered the tiny white loaner to us and picked up the non-working one. By now, I was in tears and Ted and I had some stress-induced unhappy words. The kind that are usually thru clenched teeth or hissed. He went back inside the store, did his Ted-magic incantations over the customer service desk and apparently I will have a fridge of my dreams delivered this coming Friday. I don’t know what it looks like—honestly I don’t even care at this point. I no longer have ice chests in my living room filled with cold cuts, eggs and milk. And by this weekend I will have a wonderful, 25 cubic foot fridge.

And now I’m 49. So, if I live to be 98 (and my immediate family is NOT known for longevity) I am middle-aged. If I don’t live that long, I am well past my prime. But I feel good. I have ample food in my tiny white fridge. And Ted finally gets to see the surgeon Thursday. Oh yes…I forgot to mention that the MRI was not sent to the surgeon last week so his appointment was postponed. My kids are healthy.

Amy is in a new school, which so far she loves. If all goes well with her early ACT which she'll take in December, she’ll be able to get dual credit with university level courses at Johns Hopkins beginning next semester. Tyler is in Denver for two weeks of training with his new job. So I can’t even go over to his new place and fuss around. But life is good. Caleb is a senior and Tanner a freshman. Both are doing well in school. Lucy hobbles around rather adorably and Tyler left his cat Sabra here. That makes Lucy happy, but she leaves her hair everywhere. Stress, to some extent is good. Right?

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That corgi :) said...

happy belated birthday; it is always hard when the young ones leave the nest; when my son (at 19) left, I was devastated and cried for several days. It was around Mother's Day and he didn't even call to wish me a happy one. But as it would happen, he lost his job a few months later and had to move back home and is still here two years later (LOL).

I think it is good that your son has what sounds like a great living environment with his cousin and also that he has a solid relationship with the Lord; that is awesome and something I'm still praying about for my son

He'll do just great (your son :)

what a nightmare about the food and fridge!! glad the end is in sight so very soon!