Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Go ahead...brag a little

Lazy me...going to direct you to this post of my beautiful wonderful senior guy....and then go HERE to see Missy and her bee-yoo-ta-mus kids.

I promise to feature *EACH* of my four kids in the near future in a post of their own....I just am still hiding under the rock, trying to be invisible from the tax man and keeping up with Easter week, while working at a church and organizing a cake auction. Did I mention I HATE decorating cakes? Ick.


Greg C said...

You know you can't hide from the tax man. :) He has ways to find you. I want to come back and see your photos.

Robin said...

Awww...Tyler (sigh). Such a great kid - and totally deserving! Makes me proud to be a kind of second mom to him.

And Greg C. is guy comes on Wednesday like it or not.