Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shaken (and pretty stirred up, too)

I sit here typing this at 1:22 in the morning. My husband and 2 oldest sons are out right now. They aren't having fun or playing. They are going to pick up our Jeep that was stolen from our driveway about 30 minutes ago. There's no way on the planet I'm going back to sleep right now.
No way.

While we were deep in dreamland, my 16-year old burst into our room and rather urgently said, "Uh, Dad?" Since Ted gets up at 3 a.m. for a rather ungodly 4:15 a.m. shift, I thought maybe he hadn't heard his alarm and the boys were worried that he'd be late for work. Nope. "Someone just stole the Jeep!" With no school tomorrow for 10th and 12th graders the boys had caught a late movie and had gotten home around 12:2
0 a.m. or so. They were playing video games when they heard the Jeep start up....

We tumbled out of bed, only to find that Tyler (age 18) had jumped into his truck and tried to find the Jeep. I immediately called 911 and reported it. Then started calling Tyler to COME HOME NOW! No answer. Texts. No reply. And praying, praying, praying for the safety of my son. Thank you Jesus! He came home about 5 minutes later when he realized he'd forgotten his cell phone. As he pulled up, the Sheriff was right behind him. Tyler spoke with the deputy while we tried to find the Jeep paperwork. Within about 5 minutes of the deputy's arrival, he received a call that the Jeep had been pulled over in Rio Rancho, a small town about 2 miles north of here, just north of our church. A. Maze. Ing.

God is so good. And, I know that vengence is His. I asked the deputy if the thief had been hurt "just a little." He told me that, yes, probably he had, "just a little," because there had been a foot pursuit to catch him. You will excuse me if I rejoice "just a little" about that.

I'm anxious for my guys to get back home. And I'm humming the theme to "COPS." And I don't think I'm going back to sleep for "just a little" while...I looked at the clock when Caleb woke us. It said 12:38. It's now 1:38. I'm a little bit shaky. A lot can happen in just an hour....

(p.s. Yes, we scolded Tyler "just a little" for taking off after what was sure to be a bad guy. And I got "just a little" welly while doing it. Thank you, thank you Jesus, for keeping my baby safe)


Chatty Kelly said...

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha going to do?

So thankful that your GOOD boy wasn't hurt and that your jeep is back too. Yay God!

My ADHD Me said...

What a scary experience.

I remember opening the door when I was a kid thinking I saw my brother running towards it. I opened it just as he jumped onto the porch. But it wasn't him. It was a kid running up to steal our sled off of the front porch. Although that was MUCH more minor than having your jeep stolen, I remember the fear AND the anger. Luckily, I remember even better the look on that guys face when I opened the door and yelled BOO right as he stepped on the porch.

He grabbed the sled and ran but dropped it and just kept running. haha.

SO VERY VERY glad your son was safe. Not surprising that he chased after them. I'm just glad he forgot his phone and returned home.

And it's ok that the "bad" guy got hurt just a wee bit. Maybe he'll think twice before he does it again. Not to mention he'll have some major fines, fees, bail, lawyer fees, and probably some jail time (felony). Hope he learned his lesson.

On another note, glad to see you popped your head out to say hey. I've been in hiding lately too.

Have a good evening....hope you are breathing easier by now.

Dena said...

Oh wow, glad to know no one in your family was hurt and that you got your jeep back. Oh, and I would have been humming and rejoicing right along with you.

Greg C said...

It sounds like you had a scare as bad as mine. Aren't you glad God is in control?

Pam Warden Art said...

Yep, just a little justice, like Annanius and Saphira (I doubt I spelled either of those right :) We were just talking about that at church. How we do like to see that justice come stomping down on perps. So glad your son's safe. God is good.