Monday, May 11, 2009

I Spy

One of these things is not like the others...

...can you tell which thing doesn't belong?

Look again....I'll give you a hint. It's somehow related to this post. And this one, where I was feeling quite all alone and resorted to a pity plea and a threat of eating worms....And it all started, because I was trying to help My ADHD Me out by entering her little "Pay it Forward" Soiree.

Yes, it's the pretty Alert and Oriented x 4 magnet made by Mary, just for me! It's CUSTOM! I received it all the way back about 2 months ago. I'm so lame, I just never did mine until this week. And even tho' I've never heard back from any of the "real" winners except Missy, I FINALLY finished my crafts. I've had the stuff to complete them since March or so. And since Mary ended up making approximately 273 magnets for people because she easily packs her bags for any little guilt trip, I made a craft for her,too. With my own two little hands (ok, they aren't little. They are MAN HANDS..but they are MY man hands)! The crafts are almost alike, but again, they are CUSTOM! The only problem is that I lost Mary's address, so she's gonna have to send it to me again. I got off easy...I ended up making 2 of the crafts I had planned. Missy's is on it's way via Mr. US Postmaster--yes, mailed the day postage went UP. Mary's wants to be on it's way too, but is in limbo awaiting an address. She's probably afraid to send it again, just in case I'm some kind of weird stalker.

If you look closely, you'll see my very favorite 2009 graduate, my very own Tyler, who walked the stage Saturday. And to the left of that is another favorite 2009 graduate. My niece Cherise, graduated from UT with a degree in Voice. She is a true coloratura, and is one of the rare individuals who can go higher than a high F (F6) with no difficulty. Every time I hear her sing, I am reduced to tears. It's ethereal and earthy, all at once. And to the right of Tyler is my other niece Rachel, with her brother and my OTHER favorite 2009 graduate, Kyle. Kyle and Tyler were born 16 days apart. I was in the room with his mom when Kyle was born. He is like my own. Kyle will walk his own stage on May 23. Tyler is 16 days older, but graduating only 14 days sooner. I think that's a wonderful circular logic kind of equation...Are you impressed with my mathpanol yet?

Anyway, I am having surgery this Thursday to "remove" all the hardware from my unfortunate TP'ing incident. Dr. McYummy seems to think that this will help to alleviate the terrible tendonitis I've been having. I'll be up climbing rocks and zipping along lines with the youth group when I go to camp in June, God willing and the creek don't rise. I wanted to get this one "to do" of paying it forward off my list of things before summer officially starts. So as of now, I am paid in full, at least as far as this blog soiree is concerned. (and p.s.--blogger doesn't know how to spell 'tendonitis.' Just an fyi). One more FYI. Yes...that's a love note written to me from Ted (dh) on my shopping list. That then got expanded to include our whole family. I saved it. Almost every single shopping list I take with me to the store, has SOME kind of term of endearment on it. The checker lady at Smith's usually wants to see what's on the list this week...I am such a blessed woman!

Ah, if only all my debts were this easy to repay....


My ADHD Me said...

HA! You know me too well, "She packs her bag for any guilt trip"

I sent you my address. I am quite excited to be receiving your one-of-a-kind crafts. However, i am even more excited that I don't have to make any more. VERY seldom do I say never again...but...."Never Again!" lol.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Thanks Pam! Can't wait!!

Chatty Kelly said...

I loved this because you described my sister so well. LOL!