Tuesday, August 4, 2009

All I can think of when I see this picture is how much I spent at the orthodontist...

Having learned my lesson, and having spent about 487 hours of my precious off time in July at the MVD, today I took Caleb, age 16, to the MVD EXpress (15 Minutes or LESS! Toot-toot!) and coughed up the extra $20 for the priviledge of not waiting in line at a privately owned store and officially became the mother of not one, but TWO, teenage boy drivers. Interestingly enough, even though’ the price was considerably higher than the state-run version, there were still people with prison tattoos there. And one or two of them looked as if they might be craving a bit of the hair of the canine that nipped at them….or something like that. However, everyone did seem to have a full set of teeth, and there was nary a child there under the age of 12. And the 12-year-old there was fully dressed and not in pj’s.**

But that’s not the point. The point is, I just signed over permission and accepted responsibility for obtaining a driver’s license for someone who does things like this:

yeah..high for Jesus XD...and my own personal entertainment haha

On a regular basis. No impulse control. None whatsoever.

but why?...its fun!
So strike that first sentence. I don’t think I learned a blasted thing.

**I have this sense of wonderment while at the MVD and have made these observations: Each time I go, there is at least one child in pajamas, regardless of the time of day. Every 4th person will be either a) missing one or more permanent teeth—usually front teeth at that or b) sporting a prison tattoo of a teardrop on their face or an obscene word across their knuckles. I’m just sayin’.

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