Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Perfect Country & Western Song

I think that someone could probably write a country and western song about the things that have been happening in our family’s lives this week.


Sunday, 3:37 a.m. Claire barks frantically from her crate. Not a typical thing for her to do at all. Ted and I both came down the hall to see what was happening. Ran into a green cloud of smell. At first I thought Claire had been stricken with diarrhea, but no. It was a skunk. In our garage. More than likely drawn by the kitty food there. Just not for THAT kitty. Blessedly, it didn’t spray. Not the bigdogs, not the garage full of musical instruments, nor one of us as we went to investigate. Mr. Stinker just waddled away, content to eat up about $5 worth of cat food...which I was happy to let him have. But…P-U!!!! And there’s just no getting back to sleep after that…

Monday 7 p.m. I was late for a church business meeting to discuss the budget and our recent sewage problem and the restoration that should be happening right now, but kind of isn’t. I was late because I was at a closing for Talkative Timmy and Loquacious Lorraine that should’ve taken 45 minutes, but took an hour and a half. (Was going to say Chatty Kathy, but that’s too close to Chatty Kelly and I like her. I really, really like her. Besides, I sound all smart when I use the word 'loquacious.'). But I digress. Boss Pastor calls me at 6:55 and tersely demands the phone number of the property management company, which I give him. As I’m asking what’s happening, the phone clicks off….not that he would ever hang up on me or anything. Like when he’s stressed or something. Got to the meeting about 7:15. And guess what? We have another sewage backup. Flooded the toddler room, 2 bathrooms, the kitchen and a hallway and resource closet. And isn't it opportune that it's happening as we are in the middle of discussing why the restoration from the flood in July isn't yet complete? Oh, Blackwater, keep on rollin’♫♫....Blessedly, it wasn’t nearly as bad as last time. No standing water. Just really stinky water that has soaked into our brand new carpet. And touched all the floor toys that our toddlers play with. And probably put in their mouths. We probably won’t have to meet in the bar this weekend. There’s always that.

Because this is just a snapshot of my week and already so long, we’ll continue with part 2 tomorrow…and hopefully that will wrap up the week, but we’ll just have to see.

(I don't know how to post a PART of a in the one below, you can click to about 2:47 minutes into it for the part I really wanted.). And, yes, as a matter of fact, I would love to have some cheese to go along with my whine.

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