Monday, June 2, 2008

Claire (pt deux)

We met Ted at a car repair shop on the way home, where he was dropping ghettotruck off (more on ghettotruck in a future post). Claire shivered a little bit, but her get acquainted meet and greet with Ted went well. I could tell he was holding his judgement in reserve because
1. She's a little dog. Little dogs are prone to yap and he hates yapping.
2. He hates dogs that do excited piddle.
3. She's been in jail and he doesn't know how she's going to behave after she gets
over the grateful "thank you for rescuing me" honeymoon phase.

The drive home was uneventful (except Tyler and Tanner called about 6 times wanting to know when we were coming home so they could finally meet her).
We walked in the door and Claire wiggled all over with delight. Baggie the cat was sleeping on the couch. Claire wriggled up to say hi and Baggie hissed and instant Alpha-catness was established. Then she went outside (by now we'd had her for about 4 hours and she'd yet to pee) and met Otis (90 lb Pyrenees cross) and Staley (70 lb Collie-Heeler). Needless to say, since she weighs about 12 lbs, she didn't defy them or unleash any pent-up agression, either. She's a pretty smart cookie.
She and Baggie now tolerate each other--we just have to make sure they don't eat each other's food.

Speaking of cookie--it was the first word she learned, as in, "Do you want a cookie?" The answer is always yes. She also has learned to stay and sit. She knows her name and gets in her crate at night without a fuss. And she lives to "GO." Whether it's for a walk or a ride, when she hears the word, she heads for the door. This morning she did a little leaping corkscrew happy dance when I said "Go in the car, Claire?"

So, I promise to try not to post so much about her that you get sick of her. But she's definitely a keeper. I am taking 23 kids to camp for a week starting Monday and I already miss her.....

She has an appointment at the groomer on Friday, which happens to be Tanner's birthday, so I'm looking forward to showing her off at the party seeing her look much better than she does now, but isn't she adorable?

p.s. Ted's sister raises and breeds toy dogs (poodles, yorkies, etc). She met Claire while she was in town last week and thinks that she belonged to a hobby breeder, and after her first litter, they got rid of her. She is leash trained, but surprisingly still doesn't know "come." We'll get there. She knows her name now.

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