Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder

I'm off to beautiful Inlow Camp tomorrow for a wonderful week with 24 spirited and incredibly bright, challenging teens and pre-teens (grades 6-12). I would covet your prayers this week that they would be able to keep their eyes on Jesus, to not be distracted from the focus He has for them and that they would come back ON FIRE and more in love with God than ever before. As for me, please pray that I would hear from Him in an unmistakable, clear as a bell way as well. And pray for Ted, who will be home alone all week, and missing us. I'm sure he'll be eating lots of Chick-fil-A while we're gone. I return the day before my 28th wedding anniversary.
I'll be missing you all--especially my daily fixes....

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