Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fire on the Mountain...

I was going to post about my beautiful 90 year old aunt and the wonderful birthday celebration we just had. Amy and I went to Dallas for the weekend, and it convinced me that I really don't use our pass privileges enough. But then, this came over the news....our beautiful Inlow is at risk and has been evacuated. All campers and counselors are accounted for and there are no injuries thus far, praise God!
Please pray for the safety of the crews fighting the fire, for those living nearby and their homes (Especially the Samps--Inlow Caretakers), and for the camp itself. It was established in the 1930's and has been hallowed ground for many a teen (and adult) who has met Christ there for the first time. It holds many special memories for so many people.
When we were at camp a week or so ago, the (Yellow Hat) Disaster Relief Teams from several states were also staying there while they were helping families who had been burned out in the recent Trigo fire that caused more than 50 homes to be lost. One of the gentlemen I spoke with had tears in his eyes as he told me of sifting through the ashes of a family's home, trying to find anything that they might salvage or recover, especially mementos. I pray that those relief workers are safe and so are the families living in the area. I thank God for their huge hearts and the love that they have for others. Please join me in my prayers. Thanks.

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Rick said...

Those fires can be devastating, and leave nothing but ashes and tears.