Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Just Not Right...

I was very creative today—way more creative than I usually am. And since artsy-crafty stuff isn’t my forte (despite my parents wild excitement over a lot of white glue, some marbles and a wooden box), I was proud and about to post pictures. But I’m not going to.

Because this afternoon I found out that Caleb’s iPod was stolen from his gym locker today. He paid for it himself, scrimping with money saved from helping neighbors, lunch money he stashed and helping his dad out with less than pleasant chores. He is only 15 and doesn't have a regular job. He took very good care of it. Today was his first wrestling practice of the year and he didn’t bring an extra lock. He put his iPod in his backpack and put it in a gym locker. After practice, he discovered that his backpack had been rifled and his iPod is gone. I am so sad for him. And he keeps saying, “It was all my fault—I’m the one who didn’t lock it up.” And then, “If someone wanted or needed an iPod that bad, I would’ve given it to them. Now I’m just mad!”

The thing’s NOT his fault. He was careless, yes. But the person clearly at fault here, clearly the one to blame, is the person who took something that didn’t belong to him. I understand temptation. But this just stinks. My stomach hurts. We’re not the kind of folks who can afford to replace an iPod, but I want to because Caleb just doesn't deserve this. I am just so sad….


Edie said...

Oh man! That makes me both sad and very angry. I'm so sorry for your son. I will pray about it. You never know what God might do.

Wysket said...

That same thing happened to Cody at Cibola. Stinks.