Monday, June 29, 2009

And....We're Back!

What an amazing God we serve!

We had 4 kids from our group accept Christ for the first time. Every single person in that place was touched by God in a mighty and unmistakable way.

Last night we baptized 20 people, 8 of them had been to camp.

In all my years of camp, whether as a camper, a counselor, or a sponsor, I have never, ever experienced a messier, more gross end-games day. We will all be needing a course of Cipro, a tetanus shot and probably a flea and tick dip. It was an absolute blast (except for the vomit smell I am unable to rid my clothing of...I will be burning several items this afternoon).

I am bone-weary tired. And have a stomach distress. As did 2 of my offspring last night. I will spare the details, as I know some of you may eat occasionally and would want that to not be spoiled. Concerned that this may be from the gross-out messy games. I am bone-weary tired. Oh, yes...I said that already. My eyelids may actually be scraping the ground.

And I just found another bag of laundry. I'm afraid to open it. Very afraid...

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Dawn said...

God bless you for going! And I truly mean that with sincerity!!!

I attended church/Bible camp as a youth and worked as a counselor/sponsor throughout college. Now... I'm just too old. But, I'm thankful that others accept this as their calling as my teens attend. This was my daughter's first year and I've already heard her start sentences with "next year..." regarding camp!

Hope you're household is well soon!