Friday, June 12, 2009

Where do you put that?

So I have a hairdresser who I will call here Bobbie. Bobbie is probably the best hairdresser I have ever had. He listens to me. He’s honest if he thinks something won’t work on me. He’s fast. He’s reasonably priced. I never have to wait past my appointment time. And I can almost always get an appointment the same week I call, if not the same day. The salon he works at is spotless and pleasant. Bobbie is unabashedly, unashamedly, highly swishily (is that a word?) gay. As in dresses up as a queen for Halloween and is prettier than some women I know. I first started coming to Bobbie to get my hair done when I admired SEVERAL haircuts he had done for one of my youth group girls. Then, talking to her mom, I found out that he does their whole family’s hair. Their whole family has GREAT hair. Then most of my morning ladies’ Bible study group started trickling into him on my recommendation and that of my friend. So, if you count up my family, my son’s girlfriend’s family, and all my friends at church who patronize him, Bobbie has about 12-15 people from my church who are loyal customers.

I went in for a trim yesterday and, making the requisite small talk, asked him how his summer was going.
B: “Oh, not so great. I’m doing a LOT of community service.” Hmm..he’s a nice guy…
Me:”So, is this by choice? Or…?”
B: “Oh no…I have to do 120 hours. But it’s light work. At a church…” I couldn’t-wouldn’t-even-tho’-it-was-eating-me-up-inside ask WHY.“I have to go in at 8 a.m. They’re doing a lot of remodeling. I sweep. Clean up the chalk boards, etc. It’s at ____ Church. It’s not all that bad. Then I have to come here at 11:30 and UGH! I just never have any time anymore. So, my boyfriend and I were going to go to your church last Sunday.”
Me: “Oh, really? That’s great? Why didn’t you?”
B: “Oh, we got up late and were hungry or something…say…the name of your church is Soul something? Rio de Soul? “ (It’s Soul Rio) “Is it a black church? ‘Cuz my boyfriend’s black. He wanted to know.”
Me: “…not, really. We pretty much have all kinds of people attending. We’re evangelical Christians, non-denominational. You could come this weekend!”
B: “OH NO! We COULDN’T! It’s Gay Pride day…no WAY could me miss THAT!”
Me: “Oh…maybe the next weekend? It’s Father’s Day…”

Just not quite sure where to put that…We’d love to have them. At a place where they could hear the Truth. In Love. Please pray for us, that we can share God’s love with these young men, who so desperately need it.


Blessings said...

God Bless you

My ADHD Me said...

120 com service hours is alot. It probably means multiple offenses or something worse than petty larceny. At least that is how it is here in VA, nd I think VA is even "stricter" (more strict?)than most.

On another note...I got your package and LOVE it! Thank you SO much!! I bet if you are like me, you'll never do one of THOSE posts again. lol

I put the CD in my car. Truthfully, haven't listened yet, but am going to.

The bookmark is great. (a monkey, haha). Too pretty to hide it in a book, so it's on my bullitin board.

Thanks Again!

Chatty Kelly said...

Well, seems like a mixed up guy in more ways then one - and exactly the type of person who needs Jesus. Hope he comes to church!!