Friday, September 18, 2009

It's All About the Shoes, Baby....

Missy, over at It's Almost Naptime is hosting a fun meme called Friday Favorites.

This week, it's shoes...Your favorite shoes you own, and the shoes you WISHED you owned!! I did a similar post back in the day, but this one seems like a kick! (Pun intended).

Because I'm trying to post more, I seem to be doing more memes. I think this is because my creative juices are dry. But ANYWAY.....

These are my very own favorite shoes that I own. I love them SOooooooooo much that I bought them last June to wear to my bff's daughter's wedding on October 3. And I haven't bought the dress yet! Yea..I know. That's kind of backwards thinking, but that's how I roll. Anyway (drumroll, please....):

Note the pretty gold band around the toe and the super sexy side vamp. Yes, patent leather slingbacks. Clinton and Stacy would be proud. Now I just have to go find a dress that goes with them. Good thing my Kohl's coupon came....30% baby!!!

As to shoes I WANT to own...I've been in the market for a new pair of black ankle boots. I live in jeans and black or grey slacks in the winter for both jobs. My current boots are at least 5 years old. Still way cool. Added bonus is that they are wearable since "the fall." I have a hard time still with my ankle/foot. Both were broken then. Happily, I found these:

Even more happily, they are at Altrec, one of my FAVORITE sites! I'm not too sure about the brownish sole, but they look way comfortable, and stylish, too! And at only $99.95, I can probably buy them for myself for my birthday next month.

Anyway, pop over to Missy's, show us your kicks and participate in linky love!

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KrippledWarrior said...

Love the jeans and boots. I think the heels would go great with jeans just fine also. Go to your local Harley store and check out the woman's boots. Stylish with support and protection in the design.