Saturday, October 3, 2009

Truth Time

The big reveal…..Ok. I’m coming clean. Here are the answers…

Animal Planet (Please don’t tell P.E.T.A!)
1. Finding a dead gerbil (mummified) in the air conditioning/heater system in our Jeep. No wonder it always smelled funny when we turned it on.
2. Finding half (top half) of our hamster, Cinnamon on the living room rug. The cat ate the bottom half.
3. Starting the car one cold winter morning and hearing a terrible racket. Opening the hood and finding a bull snake curled around the engine. In pieces.
# 3 is the lie. However, Ted’s cousin used to live with us when going through a tough time. He started his truck one morning and found a cat had decided that under the hood next to the warm engine was a nice place to nap. Quite a disturbing noise. We had to pull the kitty’s claws out of the fan belt to disengage her. The cat survived, but always walked with her head listing to the right after that…. I broke down and looked in the trash at the poor, unfortunate victim in #1. I threw up a little in my mouth. And decided that after all the work and frustration the little rat caused Ted, he is not a poor unfortunate victim!

Emergency Room for Dummies
1. Breaking my pinkie when I get stuck going down a slide with my nephew in my lap. I weighed about 97 lbs at the time and was scary-skinny.
2. Breaking my whole body falling off a driveway while toilet papering.
3. Having my son Tanner break his thumb 3 days later at school. His teacher didn’t believe him, and thinking he was disrespectful, she made him stand by his desk for the entire class period.
#1 is the lie. I know that Lidna was hoping that #3 would be. We didn’t get along well with the teacher in # 3, and after this incident, even less. Irony? She was the health teacher.

Take this job and…well you get the idea
1. Delivering singing telegrams as a part-time job in college.
2. Getting stuck in the belly of a C-130 airplane I was ‘investigating’ (read: poking around, unauthorized).
3. Going to a loan closing in someone’s house where they kept live goats. I guess it’s better than dead goats. They informed me their goats sleep in the bed with them. That’s just…wrong on so many levels.
#2 was the lie. Actually, only a half lie. I got stuck in the service elevator of an L-1011. The elevators are built to send up ONE flight attendant or ONE service cart up and down to the galley. There were two of us in there. Kind of standing like spoons in a drawer. I don’t do well in small spaces. Especially that small with someone other than Ted. We were stuck inside for about 45 minutes. I still get sweaty/queasy thinking about it. The goat thing in #3? Yep, it happenned. And they said they slept in bed with them. ICK!

Thanks for playing! If my pea brain can come up with more, maybe we can do this again.


Kelly Combs said...

I would be mightly annoyed at the teacher about your son's thumb. I knew you had "broken your body" in the TP incident. I could almost laugh thinking about it now. That is bad Karma! LOL!

My ADHD Me said...

Well, 2 out of 3 ain't too bad.

"Broken your body" lol. I know, I know. Not funny.....tee hee. It's just SO Murphy's Law!

My ADHD Me said...

Or would that be MurphEy?