Thursday, February 12, 2009

Best of Lost

I know, I usually do my LOST post really early Thursday morning or even late Wednesday night. I'm late today. Last night right after LOST, I was driving my daughter to Kinko's so she could have her Poetry Anthology bound...she worked so hard on it and the teacher wasn't able to come thru with the comb binding that she promised. It's something I hope to have her give me for Mother's Day. (blatant hint). And then, this morning I began leading our new Ladies' Bible study, called Can We Talk by Priscilla Shirer. So I was preparing last night and early this morning. But you can bet your sweet bippy I wasn't going to be driving to Kinko's during what may have been another shirtless encounter with Sawyer last night. So, just a few quick bullet points about what I think about last night's episode:

Best line: (Miles) “He’s from Korea, I’m from Encino.” (When asked to translate for Jin)

Best moment: When Sawyer was so genuinely glad to see Jin again and vice versa.

Best bravery: When Locke went down the well. And his leg? Ewwww...and ouch!

Best personal vindication: I TOLD you that Mrs. Hawking was Daniel’s mom!!!

Best Ah-ha! Moment: No WONDER Danielle was always in such a bad mood

Best bolt: I knew it all along: Kate would bolt

Best moment of cynical satire from my family: Ted said that somebody else should’ve just “given the Frenchman another hand” when Smokey pulled him down the hole.

Best scary vacant stare: Charlotte. Boy, she’s got that death gaze thing down, girl!

Best guess: Christian is really Jacob

Best way to lose yourself in Wednesday nights: LOST
Side note: I am beginning to feel overwhelmingly busy. The last time this happened, God took me down. Please pray for me to stay focused and at peace. Pray that I learned my lesson last time.


My ADHD Me said...

That overwhelming and busy feeling must be contagious. Then you end up getting so bogged down, that you don't even know where to start. I'm there and am worried about it. I'll pray for you, you pray for me too.

Oh, I don't watch Lost, BUT being the faithful reader of your blog I STILL read it...even though I was completely "Lost" (OK, I've worn that joke out).

Last of all. Persistence pays. My Pay It Forward post, is already scheduled to post at 6:30 AM on Wednesday morning. I think that is the 18th. So Set your alarm clock...that is if you really really want to see that I wasn't bluffing when I said I am completely craft challenged. No, really really really...I mean it.
Also, Since I won twice, I have to send out 6 gifts so I'll be lucky if 6 people even enter. haha.

My ADHD Me said...

BTW, Don't forget, when God was handing out the talent of crafting, I must have been humming the Brady Bunch theme song because I missed the entire thing.
Let's just won't be selling for a fortune on e-bay! lol