Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who knew..? (LOST Thursday 13)

1. Who knew Sawyer was a Believer? “Thank you God!” “I take it back!”

2. Who sent Sun the nice PMS gift (chocolate and a gun….works for me J)? Widmore?

3. Who was shooting at Juliet/Sawyer et al from the other canoe?

4. If Ben can’t spring Hurley until tomorrow morning, how close does that put us to the 70 hour deadline?

5. LOVED LOVED LOVED the jumpsuit! There’s a whole lotta orange goin’ on in the LA County lockup. But Hurley is “safe.”

6. OK, pretty sure that Miles is Candle’s son…Daniel implied he (Miles) had been on the island before. But who is Charlotte?

7. Where exactly IS the rest of the dog (or WHEN)?

8. Since Jin is alive, is Michael? And, dare we hope? Charlie?

9. Is Ben behind the guy who shot the darts at Sayid? Because he owned up to hiring the guy who wanted blood samples, which I think was just a ploy to scare Kate. Kate would never go back to the island. Kate would’ve run. Kate always runs.

10. Rousseau was so pretty, in a fresh, earth-momma kind of way. What got her team sick? Didn’t they have some kind of a virus, or did she off them? And who is the REAL baby-daddy of Alex? Ben, and the others, kidnapped her, right?

11. Did turning the donkey wheel thing cause the time flashes to start? Is the wheel at Orchid? I can’t remember.

12. Where’s Walt? Does he have to go back, too? Or is the island done with him?

13. Didn’t you love the way Sawyer kind of pouted and tried not to tear up when Locke asked him if he didn’t want ‘her’ to come back? Sigh...

All that being said, I don't remember hearing about the Indian airline...can't remember it's name, before now. But I wonder if little miss prissy pants from Oceanic/Oxford will work for them, too?

So, chime in. Let's see what you think....

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