Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Final Random Dozen of 2009

I really wasn't planning on doing this, but the bloodshot eyes in the post below started to creep me out a little. Join Lidna over at 2nd Cup for the 2009 final edition of Random Dozen

1. Do you find it gross to share drinks with family? Friends?
No. Well, yes. Are they older than 12? Because the whole backwash thing totally gags me. Ted used to take a ½ gallon of milk to work to use throughout the week for cereal and the like. People kept drinking it from the communal refrigerator, even tho’ it was clearly labeled “Ted.” Once, during a station meeting held in the break room, he took it out, took a big swig of it, swished it around and spit it back in the container. Then he said, “By the way, this is MY milk!” No one ever drank his milk again. He is a legend at the ABQ Airport…(sorry, probably not something you wanted to read with your morning coffee).

2. What have you learned this year? (You didn't see a question of that weight coming, did you? At least not for #2.)
I’ve learned (finally) that when I submit and am willing when God chooses to stretch me, I am much more abundantly blessed by him. And also, that once you get in the habit of praying with someone on a regular basis, you quickly become addicted.

3. When do you dismantle the Christmas decorations?
Usually on the 1st or 2nd. This year, they are already down, because we’ve decided to finish off part of the garage for a boys’ bedroom and we needed to git 'er dun.

4. Something you wish to accomplish before the end of 2009 is:
Get all of my Notary Signing Agent bookkeeping done. It’s not possible, but you did say “wish.”

5. How do you feel about winter (after Christmas)?
As long as it isn’t windy, I don’t mind it. I have lots of warm clothes. It seldom gets below 10 degrees here.

6. Have you participated in after-Christmas sales?
Yes. Yes, I have.

7. Do you have plans for New Year's Eve?
Ted is working at 4 a.m. on New Year’s Day, so I’ll probably be in bed by 10 p.m. or so. Or my BFF will call me and we’ll play board games and eat skeevy junk food and watch movies with all the kids.

8. Is there anything special awaiting you in January?
My two oldest sons have birthdays. We’re partnering with Crown Financial at church to do a big workshop. I will be able to meet with my women’s Bible study group again…

9. If your life this year was a movie, what category or genre would it be? (Romance, Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Suspense, Farcical, etc.)
A farcical dramedy?

10. How much time per day do you spend blogging? Please do not lie. I will know.
As long as you don’t ask about facebook…and do you mean reading or writing? And how legalistic can I get with one question?

11. Who runs your household?
We iz a team. There is no “I” in team. I’m the idea girl (usually), Ted is the implementation boy...

12. Share one hope/dream for 2010.
Whirled peas. Hmm…it’s my 30th wedding anniversary year. Maybe a cruise?


Kim said...

The Ted milk story cracked me up! And grossed me out. lol

Lots going on at your house! Hope January is as fun as it sounds :-)

Joyce said...

I loved the milk story : )

Happy New Year!

Jill said...

The milk story was so funny! Sounds like something my husband would do.

Happy New Year!

The Bug said...

I liked the milk story too - but I'm not sure I could drink my own backwash - eww! Which is funny because I have no trouble drinking after other people. I just refuse to think about what else might be in there.

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Milk story - eeeew!

Hope you get to go on that cruise!

Mocha with Linda said...

The milk story is hilarious!

Cathy said...

Love the milk comment and I hope you make it on a cruise for your 30th. Happy New Year.

My ADHD Me said...

Milk story- FUNNY!

I love how you "accidentally" forgot to put in how much time you spend blogging.

Have a Happy New Year! (your new year's eve sounds like it is going to be as wild as mine!)

30 years.....whew....congrats!